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Welcome to the Seriously Fam! Where modern professionals get serious about creating the life of their dreams and the wealth to go with it. Michael and Alisa are siblings who rarely fought as children, lived together for a short stint, and once even worked at the same office. They’re close. Now with Michael living in Fresno and Alisa living in LA, they use this podcast to chat about what they’re up to in work and life. 

Seriously though, Michael is a Wealth Adviser and Alisa is a Vision Producer. You can expect Michael to reveal tips to save, manage, and invest your money. Alisa will share best practices on getting clarity on your vision, creating a strategy, and making it happen!

May 1, 2020

Are you feeling lonely during this worldwide pandemic? Come to Alisa’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Shop, where comfort food melts away isolation. Just by being there, you’ll have a deeper knowledge of the stock market, too!

Have you ever wished you understood more of what they’re talking about on Shark Tank? In today’s episode, Michael makes you smart enough to be dangerous to your friends. Hint: grilled cheese is a necessary part of the equation. After that, Alisa opens up about her feelings of loneliness living by herself right now. She shares new realizations about friendship and ways for anyone dealing with these feelings to cope during this COVID-19 crisis.

We appreciate you, Serious Fam! #seriousfamporvida

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