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Welcome to the Seriously Fam! Where modern professionals get serious about creating the life of their dreams and the wealth to go with it. Michael and Alisa are siblings who rarely fought as children, lived together for a short stint, and once even worked at the same office. They’re close. Now with Michael living in Fresno and Alisa living in LA, they use this podcast to chat about what they’re up to in work and life. 

Seriously though, Michael is a Wealth Adviser and Alisa is a Vision Producer. You can expect Michael to reveal tips to save, manage, and invest your money. Alisa will share best practices on getting clarity on your vision, creating a strategy, and making it happen!

Jul 22, 2020

Remember your 2020 goals? Us, neither. Well, half of us (*ahem, Alisa*). But that’s what this episode is all about; a quick financial check-in & tips on how to be a better listener and be more present with others. 

Michael always has ingredients for negroni cocktails on hand, so Alisa encourages him to up his vermouth game and try her twist on an Americano. Try it!

Americano (w/ Cynar):

1.5 oz sweet vermouth
1.5 oz cynar
3 oz. club soda
Orange peel 
Serve over ice

Seriously though, anyone can invest, anyone can lead, anyone can coach, anyone can serve. Presence is an act of service. Being truly “there” for someone means putting their needs above yours. Learn four ways to practice presence in your daily life.

Your mid-year financial review should include re-evaluating your plan, including: goals, spending plan, and strategy. It’s also a good time to make sure you have 3-6 months of expenses saved up as an emergency fund.

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