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Welcome to the Seriously Fam! Where modern professionals get serious about creating the life of their dreams and the wealth to go with it. Michael and Alisa are siblings who rarely fought as children, lived together for a short stint, and once even worked at the same office. They’re close. Now with Michael living in Fresno and Alisa living in LA, they use this podcast to chat about what they’re up to in work and life. 

Seriously though, Michael is a Wealth Adviser and Alisa is a Vision Producer. You can expect Michael to reveal tips to save, manage, and invest your money. Alisa will share best practices on getting clarity on your vision, creating a strategy, and making it happen!

May 6, 2021

We are all unique beings with unique skills and talents. At some point in your journey through life, someone might have urged you to “find your spark.” But what does this truly mean? Some discover their path early in their lives, while others continue to search in vain. We even doubt ourselves without realizing only we steer our lives. So create what you want to create — and that goes the same with our life journey.

In this episode, Alisa talks about her journey toward becoming a Vision Producer. She delves into the story behind finding her spark and eliminating her “shoulds.” She also shares the meaning behind her company's name, The Happy Cactus, and what entrepreneurs can take away from it.

If you want to know how you can find your spark, then this episode is for you.

Here are three reasons why you should listen to this episode

  1. Discover what being a vision producer is all about.
  2. Find out how getting stuck in the land of shoulds hinders your journey as an entrepreneur.
  3. Learn the idea behind being a happy cactus.


Episode Highlights

[00:52] The Impact of the Pandemic

  • The pandemic has highlighted what is important to people.
  • The important answers Alisa got in her conversations are spending time with family, making their home nice, and making sure their time is well-spent.
  • People who have gotten the "entrepreneurship itch" have realized this is an excellent time to start a business.

[01:35] Beenspiration

  • It's a podcast all about entrepreneurship by Alisa's friend, Geraldina. Geraldina has a photo booth business in Florida and has an educational background.
  • Geraldina asked the question, “What’s your spark?” to prepare for her interview.

[02:13] Find Your Spark

Alisa: “When I think about the word ‘spark,’ I think about what lights me up.”

  • As a Vision Producer, Alisa’s job is all about helping people find their spark and do something with it.
  • More than the discovery process, her job is action-based.
  • If you want to eliminate your "shoulds", then you need to get super clear on what you want and what's important to you.
  • What’s important to you? Find your spark!

[03:41] Her Job as a Vision Producer

Alisa: “If your brain feels like spaghetti, I'm the person that's gonna come and help you take all of your ideas noodle by noodle, and help either separate them or bring them all together.”

  • Alisa is a vision producer at The Happy Cactus, helping women untangle ideas they have in their heads.
  • People who have big visions often think they have too many, and nothing connects. However, many times, everything connects because of who we are.

[04:26] Alisa’s Background

  • About a year ago, she was in the corporate world and had been working in executive coaching for almost ten years.


  • She knew she wanted to be in that world and move up the ranks and eventually become an executive herself. But then, she started getting bored.
  • She didn't want to become a full-time executive coach because there are a lot more things she wanted to do.
  • Working with her coach, she started rediscovering things she loved doing in her career. She discovered it was working with visionary people.

[05:26] Alisa’s Journey Toward Becoming a Visionary Producer

  • Tune in to the full episode to find out about Alisa’s first visionary jobs!
  • Throughout her career, she realized that she could help put pieces together for visionary people to make things happen.
  • Her coach compared this to being a producer, which birthed the title, Vision Producer.
  • Here, she brings back her marketing savvy from her corporate experience and thinks above the surface for visionary women. She helps them see the bigger picture.
  • She uses all of her skills in her job to create her path and career.
  • In the future, she would like to have her vision production agency and create other vision producers.

[07:24] The Land of Shoulds

Alisa: “There are a lot of shoulds that have stopped me along the way.”

  • She always had identity crises because she realized her identity is not about following a specific path.
  • Once she realized that she creates her journey, it gave her permission to continue to create as an entrepreneur.
  • For her, entrepreneurship was not a big vision or choice. It was a realization of who she is.
  • After getting laid off from her corporate job, she got to the point where she had to make it happen for herself.

[08:32] The Happy Cactus

  • Her company's name is The Happy Cactus because when she was stuck in her "shoulds," she thought about her cute bunny ear cactus.
  • She owns one that she adored and wanted to post on Instagram. But as months went by, it started growing weird and sometimes ugly ears.
  • One day, while looking outside her patio window, she saw the cactus out there taking all the sun. It’s growing weird ears whenever and however it wants.
  • She realized that the cactus was happy doing what it wanted. And she wanted to be like that happy cactus, growing where she wants to grow and doing things her way.
  • She named her company Happy Cactus as a reminder that there is no path she’s following as an entrepreneur. She’s creating her path as she goes.

Alisa: “I was looking outside my patio window and I saw it (Alisa’s bunny cactus) out there in the sun taking it all and growing weird ears whenever it wanted, however it wanted and I thought, you know what? That cactus is so happy. I want to be like that happy cactus.”

[10:02] Her Spark

  • The idea of The Happy Cactus: you can be you, and being you is okay.
  • Her spark is knowing that she can create what she wants to create.
  • Everyone can be a happy cactus.
  • Whenever you feel like the weight of the world is on you, remember that if you find your spark, you can create your own life and be happy.

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